Talking is a Lifeline! Time to Change Wales talks at Mental Health Conference

The #TalkingIsALifeline campaign aims to encourage men to talk about their mental health without the fear of being judged. Talking is a Lifeline emphasises that talking about mental health might be one of the bravest things a man can do.

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Research conducted by Time to Change Wales found that self-stigma and a lack of understanding of mental health stops many men from talking to family and friends about their mental health problems because of fear and anxiety about negative consequences.

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Many men have told Time to Change Wales that the pressure to ‘man up’ and ‘be strong’ has led to them suffering in silence. The campaign uses everyday settings and accessible language to normalise conversation around mental health.

The three male heroes are relatable individuals for other men to aspire to and feel comfortable discussing mental health. They show how they have experienced positive change through talking openly about their mental health.

Time to Change Wales Campaign and Strategy Lead, June Jones will be speaking at Talking Mental Health National Conference on Thursday 10th October at Cardiff City Stadium

Tickets and more info is available here



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