Ajuda offer accessible training courses for disabilities and learning impairments.

Ajuda Training Services pride ourselves on our inclusion, adaptability & resourcefulness, which we display in many aspects of our company values. Another of these values is the belief that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to develop their skills, no matter their difficulties.  

Deaf Awareness Week is this week (6th – 12th May), and aims to promote the positive aspects of deafness, promote social inclusion and raise awareness of the huge range of local organisations that support deaf people and their family and friends.

As with other awareness campaigns, the team at Ajuda take some time to highlight the challenges that people with disabilities face every day, and consider ways we can help to improve the lives of those who do struggle with these conditions. Providing as many accessible training courses and accessibility options as we can is a step we are committed to taking.  

Last week Ajuda, with the aid of an interpreter, taught a Emergency First Aid at Work course for Pontypridd Deaf Society. The group had a great day, and took a lot of valuable life saving information from the course. We can’t wait to visit them again! Below is a video of the course taking place: 

Ajuda can offer our wide variety of courses in British Sign Language, including our Emergency First Aid at Work,  Basic Life Saving and Mental Health First Aid (and many more) with the help of an interpreter. This allows us to train many learners who suffer with deafness or limited hearing, and provide them the opportunity to gain further qualifications as a result. These courses are available in groups of 12, and can be arranged on a day suitable to you and your organisation.

Ajuda can also offer accessible training options for individuals who have limited sight, by providing the student with large print resources and examination papers. One of our trainers can also travel to a setting of choice to accommodate for a group of students in an environment where they would feel more comfortable and secure.   

The team are dedicated to extending our variety of accessible training courses, and are always looking to do more. If you have a specific need or requirement in order to take part in one of our courses, please get in touch today and we will do our best to provide for these. If you are a group or organisation who feel they could work with us to help us provide a wider variety of accessible training courses, please get in touch!

To learn more about what we can offer, please call Rachel in the Ajuda office on 02920 576833 or email rachel@ajuda.org.uk

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