Ajuda breaking down the barriers of unemployment with Remploy Newport

The Ajuda team headed to Newport this week to visit one of the Remploy Hub based around the UK. Remploy is a leading provider of specialist employment and skills support for disabled people and those with health conditions. Ajuda are a proud partner of Remploy, and part of their Community Partner Network, where we provide our training skills and qualifications to the candidates of Remploy in Wales.

remploy, dawn, ajuda

Dawn and Rachel of the Ajuda team came along to the Newport hub to talk to people who are being supported by Remploy. This was to explain to them the opportunites they have to gain qualifications through our training courses and to provide them with skills needed to help them into employment.

The idividuals at Remploy have a range of barriers preventing them to return to work or find their first job. These include physcial or mental disabilities, or learning dificulties.

remploy, dawn

The team spoke to small groups of people at a time, so that it was a more comfortable for them and not too overwhelming.

Dawn asks the group what their dream jobs are and from there we can discuss with them the opportunities are for them to gain the essential skills they will need to help them on to that career path.


The team met with lots of really enthusiastic people, who just need that extra help to get into work. Hopefully with the help of Remploy and by building their confidence they can sucessfully get back into employment. We look forward to working with everyone that we met, and to help them grow their skills in a variety of sectors. From First Aid Training, Confidence Workshops, Customer Service training, and our online training courses.