Exciting new partnership generates employment to people with disabilities

Over the last few months we have been working on an exciting new partnership with Remploy in Wales.  Ajuda are now part of the Remploy Community Partner Network, providing training courses to individuals with disabilites. The training courses, along with the support and mentoring by Remploy are successfuly helping these individuals into employment.

What is Remploy?

Remploy was established in 1944 by the Disabled Persons (Employment) Act, the aim of which was to provide employment for people injured during the war and coal miners with health conditions.

It is a leading provider of specialist employment and skills support for people with disabilities and health conditions in Wales. Remploy has a mission to transform the lives of disabled people and those with complex barriers to work by providing sustainable employment opportunities.

There is a network of Community HUBs and field teams across Wales, providing employment support to adults of working age referred by Job Centre Plus. The Ajuda team visited the Cardiff HUB earlier this month.

Ajuda visits Remploy Cardiff for a taster day

Dawn gave a short presentation and explained how qualifications can help with finding employment. It’s a lot harder for an employer to say no to someone looking for a job with qualifications on their CV. This motivated the individuals in the room and they were so keen to see which courses they could take.

At Ajuda we provide a range of training courses to help educate people with skills and qualifications. We can adapt our training to different audiences and the different needs of individuals, including those with disabilities.

We understand that everyone is different and provide both classroom-based learning as well as online training for a range of training courses suited for different industries.

dawn and sally remploy

To avoid the individuals from feeling overwhelmed at the 100 courses we provide, we broke them down into industries including;

  • Construction
  • Leisure Centre
  • Security
  • Childcare/Nursery
  • Retail
  • Restuarant/Hotel/Cafe
  • Care Home


Dawn then asked where everyone’s dream job would be. We had a range of answers from ‘Warehouse’ ‘Coffee shop’ ‘Care Home’ and ‘Building Site’

They were then surprised to find out that there were lots of courses that they could complete to gain qualifications to help them get the job of their dreams.

One of the individuals, Andrew, told us that he feels as though he would like to work in a Warehouse. He was so enthusiastic when he learned that he could take the ‘working safely’ and ‘working at height’ courses which would educate him in safety in the warehouse.

Gary, father of twin girls, enjoyed working on building sites and could take the CSCS course which would allow him to work on a construction site.

Each were signed up to the online portal that day and some have already taken the courses online, with the guidance of their Remploy advisor.

Achieving goals

With the help of the advisors at Remploy and the training courses provided by Ajuda a total of 50 people have completed courses, gaining qualifications which will help them on their journey to employment.

5 of these people have now successfully secured employment. Which is fantastic!

What Remploy has to say about the Partnership

“Since Work and Health Programme was launched on 1st December 2017, Remploy teams across Wales, have been working with members of our Community Partnership Network (CPN) to provide tailored support for our programme participants. One of these partners, Ajuda have provided a fantastic service. They are able to deliver training courses both in person and online, which has been invaluable for some customers living in remote areas. I have found the team at Ajuda to be extremely welcoming, helpful, efficient and willing to support us with any queries or requests. I have no hesitation in promoting their service.”

-Helen Cornet Partnerships Lead (Remploy Cymru)

The future

We can’t wait to help even more people into employment with Remploy and build our partnership with this amazing organisation.

The team will be visiting other community HUBs across Wales in July to see who else we can help.

Stay tuned for updates on our social media pages.