How to stay safe in extreme weather

Following last week’s severe weather conditions and the arrival of Storm Doris alongside the promise of further cold weather, rain, wind and wintry showers for the foreseeable future, Ajuda have put together a short list of tips on how to stay safe in extreme weather conditions.


– Keep an eye out for Met Office severe weather warnings.

– Within the home, be prepared for power cuts by ensuring that you have things such as torches, batteries and a first aid kit ready to hand in the home.

– If possible, park your car in the garage.

– Wrap up warm and wear sensible, sturdy shoes with good grip if you’re going to be outside at all.

– Follow the ABC of staying safe in winter and bad weather conditions.

– A = Avoid driving in treacherous conditions if possible.

– B = Be prepared if you are heading out in dangerous weather conditions.

– Ensure that your vehicle is well-maintained (MOT, regular servicing etc).

– Regularly check tyres, the levels of your engine oil, coolant and screen washer.

– Make sure that you have anti-freeze in your radiator and windscreen washer bottle.

– Have an ice-scraper and de-icer handy at all times.

– Ensure that you have a winter driving kit stored in your car including a blanket, warm clothes, a torch, first aid kit, a spade, warning triangle, water and food stored in your car in case of an emergency.

– Always have a well-charged phone in case of emergencies.

– Check the weather forecast and plan your journey carefully. For example, when the weather is bad, main roads are more likely to be cleared and gritted. Allow yourself plenty of time to get from place to place as there may be hold ups on the road.

– C = Careful, Cautious driving.

– If visibility is poor, slow right down.

– Maintain a safe gap between you and the vehicle in front.

– Be extra vigilant for people and hazards and remain in control of your vehicle.


We’re certainly hoping the weather lifts soon and that spring doesn’t take too long to show its face. But, for now, we hope that you find this quick checklist useful and ensure that you and your loved ones remain safe in these extreme weather conditions.