Lockdown’s Effect on Health and Wellness.

In this blog post, we will look at the impact lockdown has had on people’s health and wellness. 

Overall, the pandemic has been a terrible time for a lot of people, and although needed, the government lockdowns have had a detrimental effect on people’s health and wellness. 

Increased Stress and Anxiety 

Fear of the virus, the anxiety of losing one’s job, the stress of working from home; there are many reasons why people may be feeling increased feelings of stress and anxiety during these times. 

Research has shown that in March 2020, when lockdowns first started, 49.6% of people reported an increase in high levels of anxiety. 

Stress and anxiety can cause a range of health problems, including:

– Anger issues. 

– Poor sleep. 

– Increased use of tobacco, alcohol, and other harmful substances. 

– Headaches and migraines. 

– Depression. 

– Increased blood pressure. 

– Further health risks. 

It is important to remember that stress and anxiety are not just feelings, they are physical changes that can be felt by the body. 

Rising blood pressure, constricting blood vessels, increased hormones; these physiological changes can lead to a variety of further health problems. 

Increased Loneliness 

The experience of working-from-home, or being stuck in the house, has left many people with feelings of loneliness. And, as naturally social beings, feelings of loneliness can have an extremely negative impact on people’s health and wellness. 

Studies have linked social isolation to higher risks of mental and physical conditions, such as high blood pressure, obesity, depression, anxiety, and many more. 

Feelings of loneliness during lockdown have been particularly prevalent amongst young adults, with 50% of 16-24 years olds reported feelings of ‘lockdown loneliness.’ 

Work-related Issues 

The relationship between work and health can not be underestimated. People who experience work-related issues, often also experience problems with their health and wellness. 

For some, working from home has been somewhat of a gift. But for others, this has been a tough time of adaptation and change. It really depends on the individual. 

Of course, many are now returning to their workplaces and offices. However, after a year of turmoil, returning to work can also cause stress and anxiety.

Essentially, returning to a job after a period of absence can be overwhelming and challenging.   

Overall, employers and businesses must support their staff during these difficulties, and make sure that they are ready to adapt. 

Maintaining and monitoring Health and wellness in the workplace is essential. 

In Conclusion

Again, although completely necessary, lockdown has had detrimental impact on people’s health and wellness. Stress, loneliness, depression, work-related anxiety; there many issues at play.
On a lighter note, it has not all been doom and gloom. There have been some positive impacts.
Some people have taken lockdown as a sign to prioritise their physical and mental health. Exercise is on the rise, and many more people are starting to see the importance of personal wellbeing.
Either way, now more than ever, it is important to show people support and help them overcome any issues. To reiterate, employers and businesses need to maintain and monitor employees’ health and wellness in the workplace.