Is your child’s school fire safe?

After recent news reported that cladding on two of the schools that have been tested so far following the Grenfell fire has failed combustibility tests, according to the Department for Education.  The department has ordered all schools and colleges in England to carry out fire safety checks*. The same holds true to schools and colleges across Wales too – school fire’s can be detrimental.

Ajuda fire course

The costs of a fire within a school can be significant. While financial costs may be great, the cost to the community can be even greater. For example, casualties, school closures or relocations, loss of jobs and the detrimental effect on local businesses. It is for this reason that Ajuda Training Service works with schools to provide advice and guidance on how to protect students and staff from the potentially devastating effects of fire.

To keep students and staff safe from fire, it’s important that schools:

– know how to keep themselves safe from fire

– are informed about and comply with fire safety legislation

– complete a fire risk assessment and ensure that these are kept up to date

– ensure procedures are in place to reduce the likelihood of fire

– maintain the fire detection and alarm systems

– ensure that staff and pupils are familiar with emergency evacuation procedures


All schools are different. They have different layouts and occupancies, and some schools may also have pupils and/or members of staff with special educational needs. Therefore, each school must develop its own procedures for managing fire safety. When developing this, schools should consider all the key issues presented to them.

By law schools are required to undertake risk assessments to identify the general fire precautions needed to safeguard the safety of pupils and staff alike in the case of a fire, including a safe means of escape.


Ajuda Training Service is available to provide further advice and assistance so please contact us. We also run Fire Safety open courses every month if you require just a couple of members to be trained in Fire Safety.

*News report from BBC News