Introduction to Our Online Training: Food Safety, Fire Safety, and More



Whether you’re an individual or a business, online courses can be the ideal solution for meeting your training requirements. Ajuda’s cost-effective and high-quality online courses have trained individuals and companies from various industries, such as food, sports, education, and construction; to name but a few.

We’ve summarised some of the online courses we have on offer below, along with their prices – which, starting from just £15, make online training a very attractive option for individuals/businesses on a budget.



Food Safety

Our online training in Food Safety is a popular choice for people employed or seeking employment in the food industry. The courses cover the core topics of food safety, including legislation, personal hygiene, hazards, and prevention of contamination, giving you an all-round knowledge of how to practise good food hygiene.

There are several options from which you can choose according to the nature of your job role and your workplace environment:

  • Level 1 Food Safety. This comes in three different industry-specific versions: Manufacturing, Catering, and Retail. The qualification is ideal for anyone who needs a basic knowledge of food safety; this could be a new employee with minimal existing food safety knowledge, or an employee who handles wrapped or low-risk foods.

Price: £15 + VAT

  • Level 2 Food Safety (again in Manufacturing, Catering, or Retail). This detailed course is suitable for anyone working in a setting where food is prepared, cooked, and handled. It provides the knowledge needed to keep your workplace safe and compliant.

Price: £25 + VAT



Fire Safety

Our online fire safety courses are a great alternative to classroom-based learning. Employers can ensure that staff have the necessary fire safety awareness for their workplaces with these courses, which include:

  • Basic Fire Safety. The course modules cover essential topics such as the common causes of fire, preventative measures, and actions to take in the event of a fire. It also gives a basic introduction to using fire extinguishers.

Price: £25 + VAT

  • Fire Marshal. It is compulsory that workplaces have a sufficient number of fire marshals. This course explains the role of the fire marshal and gives a more extensive knowledge of fire safety than the Basic Fire Safety course.

Price: £35 + VAT

  • Fire Extinguisher. This will train you in the different types of fire extinguishers, when they are used, and the protocol for tackling fires.

Price: £25 + VAT



Asbestos Awareness

This course is designed for those who come across asbestos in their work, particularly construction industry workers. The modules cover all aspects of asbestos awareness. By taking the course, you will be able to recognise the different types of asbestos and know how to avoid the risks.

Price: £35 + VAT



Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

Covering all you need to know about hazardous substances, our COSHH online training course is aimed at anyone who is exposed to such substances in the workplace, as well as line managers with responsibility for these people.

Price: £35 + VAT


To learn more about these courses, and see what other courses we offer, please visit our website: You can sign up for a free trial account and access the first module of any course for free!

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