Food Hygiene for Food Premises: Don’t Scare Customers Away

31st  October 2016


Photo by Viktor Hanacek,


Happy Halloween! Today, your dining tables may be decked with all manner of scary, edible delights.

But it’s vital to ensure that your pumpkin pies aren’t cooked in terrifyingly unclean conditions, and that your customers aren’t bobbing for contaminated apples. Because poor food hygiene will haunt both the customer and the business.

Since 2013, food premises in Wales must publicly display their food hygiene inspection scores in-store, and these are also easily accessible online. So a score of less than 3 out of 5 on the Food Standards Agency’s hygiene rating scale may mean that you’re scaring potential customers away.

Good food hygiene practice is therefore critical for a number of major reasons: to meet legal requirements, to protect the health of customers, and to make sure that your business is not a ghost of what it could be with a better rating.

All personnel dealing with food are obligated to receive training in food hygiene. Ajuda run the accredited Level 2 Award in Food Hygiene course, which is next being held on the 15th November at their training academy in Cardiff Bay. This course will give you all the essential knowledge you need to guarantee food safety in the workplace, so that you avoid making your consumer’s eating experience – and your business’s reputation – a nightmare.

For more information about the course, click here, or call us on 029 2057 6883.