Dawns Evans of Ajuda Features on Made in Cardiff TV

On Monday 3rd October Dawn Evans, the managing director of Ajuda, appeared live on the Cardiff News programme at 6pm on Made in Cardiff TV. This channel brings the daily local news to our screens and also celebrates the people of our city, so Dawn’s new accolade of Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 was certainly an inspiring piece of news that had to be documented. On the show, she discusses the roots of her business idea – how saving her daughter in a choking incident evolved into the multi-course training company now called Ajuda.




And the television experience did not end there for Dawn. On 5th October, she made another appearance on Made in Cardiff TV, this time on Press Pit, its current affairs programme. Joined by Emma del Torto of Effective HRM, she discussed her take on some the most pressing local, national, and international issues (as well as the more outlandish, such as the regional accents of cod!)



Dawn Evans, accompanied by Matthew Harris from Made in Cardiff TV and Emma del Torto from Effective HRM.


Catch up on Dawn’s TV appearances here:

Cardiff News 6pm – https://www.madeincardiff.tv/player/?playercat=90541&v=2

Press Pit –  https://www.madeincardiff.tv/player/?playercat=90427&v=2


You can also follow Made in Cardiff on Twitter at @MadeInCardiffTV and Ajuda at @Ajuda_Training.