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Perinatal Mental Health Course


Why attend our Perinatal Mental Health Course

Anxiety and depression may occur in expectant and new mums and dad too. Having a new baby can sometimes make you feel anxious, worries, irritable and tearful too. This is often referred to as “Baby Blues” and can be quite common. Our course will look into all the signs and symptoms of Perinatal Mental Health and leave you with more knowledge and understanding in how to deal with this and recognise the condition in yourself and others, and where to signpost to if needed.

What you need to know:

The Perinatal Mental Health training course can be run either online or face to face.  It is run for 6 hours via zoom or face-to-face.  Every attendee will be able to speak with our tutor throughout the course and for the whole week following the course.  This is so that they can gain a full understanding of Maternal & Paternal Mental Health and ask any questions that may help them. E.g.:  How to set up support groups etc.

Course Objectives & Learning Outcomes

  • Awareness of Perinatal Mental Health and the impact on the partners mental health and the development of the child.
  • Signs and symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, OCD and Psychosis to look out for in the perinatal period for all parents.
  • Listening skills and how to engage with parents
  • How we can support all new parents better and explore other factors like previous mental health disorders. Also exploring birth trauma alongside perinatal mental health.
  • Parents in diverse cultural contexts, LGBTQ+ Community of parents
  • Exploring lowering adverse childhood experiences and high suicide rates in new parents.
  • The course will explain that supporting all new parents for their mental health will have far better outcomes for the whole family and the development of the child.
  • Screening available, pathways and resources for health professionals with consultancy for each course member to speak with the trainer during the week after the course

Important notice:

Our course is designed to be interactive and participants are encouraged (if they wish) to share views and experiences. Whist sharing experiences can benefit the training experience participants must be aware that Perinatal Mental Health is designed to give an awareness in Perinatal Mental Health and assist the delegates to help and support others and is not intended as a therapy session for the participant. This is for the comfort for all participants.

Please note that due to the sensitive topics discussed within the training it is recommended that participants have a level of well-being before attending

Key Facts

  • Duration: 1/2 Day
  • Group Price (up to 12): £795
  • Assessment Method: Observation

This training course can be delivered Face-to-Face or Virtually via Zoom.

To arrange a date for this training 

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