Adhesive Dressings

Dependaplast Childrens Washproof Plasters X 10 Boxes




Soft, flexible, washproof material.
Allows skin to breathe.
Low-allergy adhesive.
Fun handprint design.Flexible PU plastic film is used to ensure a super-thin, flexible, washproof plaster. The membrane is moisture vapour permeable, allowing the skin to breathe, without the need for physical perforations, keeping the adhesive securely in place, whilst acting as a complete barrier to water, virus, bacteria and fungi. High-tech acrylic adhesive provides a really secure fixing, but is skin friendly and low allergy. Printed with a fun handprint design.
Contents: 50 6cm x 2cm
50 4cm x 4cm
Dimensions: Assorted
Unit: Box of 100