ReAct funding for redundancy in Wales

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Being made redundant can be a time of great stress and unease.  On the plus side however, it can open up new and exciting opportunities for you – you could be right around the corner from a whole new career change.  Is it possible that you might want to retrain or add to your existing skillset?


The Redundancy Action Scheme (ReAct) is a programme of funding for training provided by the Welsh Government for people facing redundancy who live or work in Wales.  If you have been made redundant in the last 3 months and are currently unemployed, or, are currently under notice of redundancy, you will be eligible to ReAct funding.  You are entitled to £1,500 worth of training to upskill or retrain in order to help you become employed.  Additional funding can also be accessed to help towards extra costs associated with training such as, travel, accommodation, and childcare. This is only available to you if you have not undertaken any publicly funded training since being made redundant.

Ajuda Ltd specialise in providing training to individuals to increase their employment prospects.  Every place of work requires or would highly benefit from employing somebody trained in first aid, fire safety, customer service and more.  We offer a full range of accredited training to suit your individual needs. Each training programme can be individually tailored to ensure the individual has the best possible chance of regaining future employment.

If you would like more information, please contact Ruth or Dawn at Ajuda on 02920 576 883 or email for free advice and more information about the ReAct scheme.  You can also pop in to your nearest Careers Wales office for guidance.